In this Recorded Master-course you will learn:

  • How to activate the 5 female orgasmic hotspots: the Clitoris, the G-Spot, the A-Spot, The K-Spot, and The Cervix
  • How to awaken her pussy to help her experience heightened levels of pleasure and orgasm, and bliss
  • How to hold presence and intention with your touch to create desire and opening instead of rejection
  • How to dissolve blockages in her womb space, to unlock her feminine desire and orgasmic potential
  • How to make her squirt

The Yoni is a woman’s powerful womb space that holds memories and emotions, as well as pain and trauma. 

Receiving pleasure and intentional healing from her partner, can be very vulnerable for her - a lot of women shut down their sexual centers because their man doesn't know how to create a space of trust, leadership, and surrender.

This easy to follow course will help you learn how to use mindful touch and loving connection to help your lover release stuck energy from her womb space through various massage techniques. 

You will also progress to learning how to give her G spot, cervical, squirting orgasms and more. 

*There is no nudity in this course. Techniques are demonstrated on an anatomical rubber model. 

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*Multi-Orgasmic Man students*
The content in this class is different than what's in M.O.M. and this not included in your course.